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Sound Logo E22

Jingle Esch, Jingle Esch

To host an event on the scale of Capital of Culture, the project deserves its own jingle. Sound is everywhere, sound is a universal language, meaning that a sound logo helps convey a message or experience through its cognitive and emotional power. Unlike our eyes, our ears have no lids. And what better way of reaching out to the population than through music?

So, to create a sound logo that is both pleasing to the ear and easy to memorise, inspiration was drawn from Heartland, our official anthem composed for Esch2022 by the talented pianist David Ianni, a local citizen from Schifflange, for the Urban Piano event. With the musician and with help from Patrick Yves Kleinbauer, an easily detectable 7-note theme from the piece has been picked out, thereby preserving a direct connection with the work and referring back to the sound of the anthem.

You will gradually hear more of our jingle as it gets remixed in a multitude of different styles so that it appeals to everyone’s tastes.

What’s more, the industrial sound that you can detect in the rhythmic elements was recorded at the Centre Formida in Esch using an anvil welded from local steel which actually comes from a piece of railway track from the Dudelange factory, dating back to 1929. This was done to evoke our heritage and shared history of steel making.

The sound logo was recorded by sound engineer Georges Majerus at the Sonotron studios at the creative Hub 1535 in Differdange, and mixed at his Tritone Studios in Berdorf.

And without giving too much away, our Heartland anthem is going to play an even bigger role in the future. So, stay tuned!

Musicians :
David Ianni – Composer, Pian
Patrick Yves Kleinbauer – External adviser E22, Bass
Anik Schwall – Cello
Dino Ajdarpasic – Trombone
Ilan Schneider – Viola
Max Urbany – Flute
Georges Majerus – Sound engineer
Mike Butcher – Assistant sound engineer