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Pickies at Esch2022!

Through its ELO scheme and its sustainable development charter, Esch2022 is committed to ensuring that sustainability forms an integral part of all its projects. This commitment will be demonstrated in different ways throughout the European Capital of Culture year, notably through our partnership with Pickitup Luxembourg. Pickitup Luxembourg is a community organisation working in the realm of environmental protection. Specifically, its members organise walks during which participants collect litter in various places throughout the country. But being a ‘Pickie’ is not just about occasionally cleaning up nature:above all, it is about being attentive to the problem of pollution on a daily basis and raising awareness among one’s friends and relatives or the people one encounters during these walks.

The collaboration between the Pickies and Esch2022 will extend throughout 2022, firstly as a series of so-called ‘rubbish walks’, often scheduled after public events. In addition to these walks, the Pickies, supported by Esch2022, will set up an information booth at various events in order to raise public awareness and encourage small individual actions. Finally, in the summer of 2022, the Pickies will lead playful workshops to raise young people’s awareness of the growing problem of littering and the need to recycle. Further transregional projects will be organised, as the problem of littering doesn’t stop at national borders.

The objective of this partnership is to provide visitors of Esch2022 with the incentive to start acting now and to ensure that such actions will no longer be necessary in the future. Do not hesitate to contact Matthieu Gilliéron to find out more and follow the Facebook pages of Esch2022 or Pickitup Luxembourg to stay informed about upcoming marches.