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Partners of Esch2022: CFL “We are very proud to be a partner of Esch2022”

Photo: © Lynn Theisen

CFL, the Luxembourgish National Railway Company is the country’s backbone of national and cross-border transportation. The CFL Group is the second biggest employer in Luxembourg with 22 companies and 4.500 employees and the mobility partner of choice for Luxembourg and the greater region. As the mobility partner of Esch2022 the company will be in charge of bringing visitors to all the events – safe, fast and sustainable. Alessandra Nonnweiler, Head of Communications and Spokesperson of CFL, in the interview shared CFL’s mission behind the partnership with Esch2022 and the plans for a successful European Capital of Culture.

Esch is the European Capital of Culture in 2022. What does that mean to you and your company?

We at CFL are very pleased and delighted that the organizers of Esch2022 came to us and asked whether we could work together. As the mobility partner of choice, we are very proud to support Esch2022. With our trains and also busses, we will bring all the visitors to the venues not only in Esch, but also to the surrounding municipalities.

CFL, as you said, is a partner of Esch2022. Why?

Being a partner of the European Capital of Culture is a very good opportunity for us to show that people and clients can rely on us when we talk about mobility. We have so many trains in the region, not only in Esch, but also in the surrounding villages and locations that are venues for this major event here in Luxembourg too. With our transport we connect all the venues and support making Esch2022 a big success.

How does CFL prepare for Esch2022?

We have our normal transportation plan, but we will also be able and prepared to bring in more trains in 2022, especially in the evenings to take the visitors back to their home locations. CFL is used to bringing hundreds of people to a location at once, so we are very confident that we can help to guide all the visitors to Esch. We are also confident that by giving a comfortable ride to the visitors, we will be a mobility partner for these visitors in the future.

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