Partner of Esch2022: “We are all pulling together.”

Photo : © Lynn Theisen


Nicolas Kremer runs the Hirsch-Glesener jewellers in the center of Esch, which is now in its fourth generation. He is also President of the Esch Business Association A.C.A.I.E. In our interview, read what challenges the A.C.A.I.E is facing after the crisis and what opportunities Esch2022 brings in this regard. 

What does it mean for you and the A.C.A.I.E which you lead as president that the European Year of Culture will take place next year here in Esch and the surrounding municipalities? 

The coming year will be an immense opportunity for the South and the Greater Region to make themselves known beyond their borders. Tourists who come to Luxembourg mostly go to the North or to Luxembourg City and don’t know our region at all. Esch2022 will place our region on the map. 

What are the greatest challenges against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic and the related crisis for the retail trade? 

 The Corona pandemic has changed retail trade in many ways. Online shopping has increased insanely and has forced us to respond. Customers have been able to use the Luxembourg online shop “Letzshop” to support national tradesmen and women. A lot of people live in the center of Esch, which is why there was always the feeling that the town lived on even in the pandemic. 

In what form do or will the A.C.A.I.E and Esch2022 work together? 

We work hand in hand with Esch2022, the municipality, and the Syndicat d’Initiative of Esch-sur-Alzette. Projects such as shopping or sightseeing tours are supported by local actors in any case. 

What does Esch2022 mean for the local shops in Esch and for you as a jeweler being present in the town with a traditional establishment? 

I think that it is important to all local traders and also the people of Esch to show our town in the best light. In my business, we still do our best to offer the best possible service to all our customers, whether they are locals or tourists. And we have been doing that since 1908. 

Why should even more small local businesses take part in Esch2022? 

Esch2022 is very important for all local businesses. Whether they are retail or hotel and restaurant trade or artisan – we are all pulling together. We will do everything to make Esch2022 a huge success.



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