Territory, Sustainability

Minett Trail: Lodge in Schifflange

Lodge in Schifflange, ©Studio Jil Bentz

The former Schifflange water tank will be brought back to life by the architectural practice Studio Jil Bentz, whose project aims to preserve the existing architecture as much as possible to highlight its expressive character. The architect wanted to retain the building’s ‘quirky charm’ while integrating a series of purposed spaces and promoting unexpected encounters between nature, the hiking path and the building. Echoing the buried part of the building, a terrace opening onto the forest and sheltered from the road by a wall will be added. The circular space of the basin will be divided by a triangular structure into an atrium with a basin filled with water. For the jury, the project stood out for ‘its respect for the structure and its astute use of the space of the existing basin’ as well as for its ‘engaging’ outdoor space.

Architects’ office: Studio Jil Bentz
Site: Schifflange
Number of beds: 4 double beds