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REMIX Festival : 08.12.2021: join us for a talk and drink in Käerjeng!

Panel 5: Art and Advanced Technologies (in French)

What part can advanced technology play in art without compromising its human dimension? By examining some of the projects relating to interactions between art and technology, we should be able to see how our perception of reality changes in the digital world when compared to the real world. How can the new digital media change your artistic expression? Does the digital world stimulate interdisciplinarity and the invention of a new identity? Does Art need a “human touch”? Could we all paint a Van Gogh painting, or would something still be lacking? Would that be important? If the Esch2022 territory were to be a robot or an algorithm, what would it look like?

Françoise Poos Moderation

With Sana Nouzri and Thibaud Latour (Computer Science Department, University of Luxembourg)
Patrizia Luchetta  and Jean-Paul Bertemes, Samuel Reinard

Jean-Paul Bertemes et Patrizia Luchetta with the project « The Sound of Data »
« The Sound of Data »
is a project about transforming scientific data into music. It explores new ways of creating, performing, and experiencing music and art by using multi-source data as the building blocks in the creative process, i.e. remixing scientific and artistic approaches. It is centered around the idea of using datasets obtained in different contexts as a core determinant of a musical composition.

Sana Nouzri et Thibaud Latour (Computer Science Department, University of Luxembourg) with the project AI&ART Ecosystem
Our umbrella-project consists of 3 main branches: Singularity 42! invites artists to reflect on the theme of technological singularity and the interaction between our physical and digital existence. Project Corner(stone) collects those playful and interactive initiatives that make our AI&ART Pavilion less of a sterile, museum-like exhibition space and allows the visitors to experiment; to discover and rethink their own convictions. Project Magneto comprises public lectures on AI for the general public, workshops for secondary school pupils to be introduced to AI and its applications.

Samuel Reinard with the project NIGHTSONGS
For more than 100 years, the steel industry has been part of the visual and acoustic landscape of the town of Esch-Alzette and the Luxembourg and Lorraine mining basin. The Nightsongs project takes this nocturnal soundscape as the starting point and raw material for a series of electronic compositions devoted to the subject of night and the region’s steel history.

Date: 8 December 2021
Time: 7pm-8.30pm
Place: Kulturhaus “Käerjenger Treff”, Käerjeng (L)
54C, Avenue de Luxembourg L-4950 Bascharage

Free admission, reservation required

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The venue is fully accessible for PRMs but there is a small step at the entrance to the building which may require assistance to get over.
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