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GAZETTE – November

In November, let’s go to the south… of Luxembourg! Discover the commune of Rumelange, the southernmost commune in the country. The commune, where the first iron ore was mined, is now reinventing itself with a new and innovative third place: SPEKTRUM. In his interview, the mayor of Rumelange, Henri Haine, tells us more about the projects of his municipality and his vision for the future.

On the French side, the programme continues with the unmissable Italian Film Festival in Villerupt and the Eden Europa “couarail” stopping over in Rédange.

Also in this issue, discover how the Business For Culture Club (BFCC) brings together artists and companies around common projects and events.

Finally, Jo Clees tells us about the partnership between Ferrero and Esch2022.

And as always: find out about all the shows, exhibitions, workshops and other cultural projects taking place in November in the Esch2022 region.

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