Esch2022 is a community project

The future Capital of Culture in Esch-Alzette, the surrounding communities of the Pro-Sud and CCPHVA communities, is a community project. It is an open project that is only brought to life by the suggestions and thoughts of the people of our region. It is to be shaped by the citizens, whether young or old. Because we believe that the ideas for a sustainable, social and successful future for our region can only be found by all of us together – and must be, in order for them to be implemented successfully.

The Zeitgeist proves us right. Especially in times of a pandemic, citizens have shown how great the willingness is to work towards the common good. The cultural landscape also takes this on, and contributes actively towards shaping our future.

Participation and co-creation as central goals

Esch2022 focuses on exploiting its full potential through the participation and co-creation of the community. Citizens are invited to numerous initiatives to ask questions and find ideas and solutions. At the opening festival, the REMIX Festival of Esch2022, for instance, from September to December 2021, citizens can actively contribute towards shaping Esch2022 in line with their interests and competencies through workshops, panel discussions and other events.

Inclusion and diversity as a global premise

Esch2022 attaches great importance to inclusion in all initiatives. Everyone, and we really mean everyone, can participate, influence and contribute ideas if they want to. People of more than 120 nationalities live in the southern region. This great diversity influences us culturally, gastronomically and, of course, linguistically. The individuality, the many different stories that people in our region bring with them, are a gift. As a community project, Esch2022 wants to take up this diversity and allow it to flow into all the initiatives, because that’s what we want, that’s what this is about – REMIX YOURSELF!