REMIX NATURE – where nature and industry connect

Where in the past the image of industry and steel production once dominated, nature is coming to the fore again. In this special landscape, the industrial heritage of the blast furnaces meets an idyllic natural paradise: numerous hiking trails, nature reserves and lakes testify to a diverse flora and fauna that is well worth exploring. The extraordinary mix of lush green and rusty steel forms the basis for the programme slogan “Remix Nature”. When asked what the region may look like in the future, it is important to find solutions together – in harmony with people and nature.

Nature and the environment in transition

Nature undergoes a continuous process of change. The Esch2022 project “Pánta Rhei” illustrates this with various sculptures that demonstrate the changeability and at the same time the eternal “flow” of nature. The community project “Landscapes” of the communities Kayl and Rumelange will examine and reinterpret the landscape developments of the Minett region through various art genres such as dance, photography and architecture.

Breathing new life into nature

The slogan “Remix Nature” contains on the one hand the awareness of the historical development of nature in the southern region, and on the other the call to change the view of nature and to be more socially responsible with it.

It is also about changing our perspectives of nature, of learning from it and living in harmony with it. Projects like “RESPIRE” investigate the relationship between humans and breathing, air and the environment, and illustrate the consequences of environmental pollution for our earth.

On the road to sustainability together

In the southern region of Luxembourg, hikers and nature lovers can be environmentally friendly as they travel along the numerous cycling and hiking trails in the Esch region. The Minett Trail, a 90-kilometre hiking trail that runs through the 11 Pro-Sud communities, connects our communities.


The appreciation of the beauty of our region and the idea of a sustainable coexistence are the top priorities of the slogan “Remix Nature”. The Minett region was recognised as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO last year. In this sense it is important, of course, to preserve the natural wealth of our region – during Esch2022 and beyond. REMIX NATURE!