01.10.2022 - 17.12.2022

Time Travel Belval

Virtual Reality Tour
Urban Time Travel

01.10.2022 - 17.12.2022

Belval, Esch-Alzette


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Urban Time Travel S.A


In partnership with the start-up company Urban TimeTravel S.A., Esch2022 is developing a Virtual Reality bus tour that lets locals and tourists experience the eventful history of the Belval area. Thanks to a virtual journey through time, passengers will be able to immerse themselves in the eventful history of the area and discover the municipality of Sanem and the city of Esch-Alzette under a completely new light.
A GPS-tracked vehicle will take participants to various historical locations. Through their VR glasses, they will see the former appearance of the area and witness events that once happened there.

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"Urban Timetravel" evolves "Storytelling" with AR and VR
Technology to an immersive experience - with the goal to keep our cultural heritage alive.


They tell the story(s) of their customers in a particularly creative and innovative way.
History is coming alive by new technologies like “Augmented Reality” (AR) and “Virtual Reality” (VR).
The team has been creating, designing and developing virtual time travel since 2017; all from a "one-stop" service.
As the first company in the world, they have succeeded in creating a virtual reality experience with GPS tracking. Via geo-tracking supported technology, the time travelers see the past through the VR glasses at exactly the place where they are right now. In a moving vehicle, actual reality blends with the historical.
The past comes alive while you're actually on the bus driving over the Cobblestone. Facades, lettering on small shops, nature, people,
Animals - you see and hear life on site, in another time.

You will soon be able to experience this kind of time travel on Esch-Belval.
Through several leaps in time, the visitor will be able to experience, among other things, the heyday of the steel industry through the impressive plant site.