Antidote Fiction

Exposition Interdisciplinaire
Finissage Performances Claire Thill Pascale Noé Adam



Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Multidisciplinary


Nathalie Noé Adam

Project Partner



Claire Thill Pascale Noé Adam Edwin Cuervo Olga Karpinsky Keita Mori Agathe Simon Nathalie Noé Adam


'Antidote Fiction' is an interdisciplinary and participatory exhibition. As a starting point, it takes the memory of industrial heritage and invents curative fictions for the near and distant future. Resilience and goodwill will be on the agenda. The event will initially take the form of a visual art, video and installation exhibition. Performances and creative workshops will be integrated into the exhibition. Following the performances, the actor/performer will leave part of his/her set, costume or video transcript in the exhibition, thus transforming the initial exhibition. Saturday afternoons will be devoted to various introductory workshops, clay modelling, experimental printing, Viewpoints and theatre. They will also take place within the exhibition, except for the workshops requiring more important equipment (printing on an engraving press and clay modelling). These will take place in the Grande Bleue workshop on Rue Tattenberg. 

A total of 7 artists working in both the visual and performing arts will participate, some of whom constantly wear both hats in their professional lives. The disciplines and points of view will ultimately be diverse and mixed. Thanks to the interventions and workshops, the public will be fully involved.

Text provided by the project partner.

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