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Alain Welter and “MigrArt” at Novi Sad

"MigrArt" Exhibition in Novi Sad

The Luxembourg artist Alain Welter will present the exhibition “MigrArt” organized by the Bel Art Gallery in Plateau Suba (Liman Park) from 20 March 2022.

 “The exhibition called ‘MigrArt’ deals with the topic of migration. In order to give justice to this topic, I am exclusively concerned with the development of migration from my home country Luxembourg. For this I decided to choose a nation for each flag that plays an important role in the development of Luxembourg. The nations I choose are either way the highest migrated population or it is connected to a personal story. The question now arises, how to get all these countries under one roof with Luxembourg? Since my art has a lot to do with humour and irony, I picked up characteristics from the individual countries and relate them to those from Luxembourg. In this case I chose to take the viewer on a new culinary experience, by mixing a speciality or known food from each country with specific products from Luxembourg. This creates a new funky mix of nations and cultures that (yet) never happened in reality, but are absurd and funny in its own way. Considering the colour palette I used the flags of each country as a base. But since it’s a culinary mix I choose to change the colour eitherway of the background or the typography.”

Partner: City Administration for Construction Land and Investments of the City of Novi Sad

Alain Welter, born and raised in Luxembourg, is a mural artist and illustrator. After his degree in Illustration Design at BTK in Berlin, he returned to Luxembourg to take root as an artist. Be it a wall, a barn, a bridge, facades, cooling towers or commercial spaces, Alain imparts to this small country a touch of color wherever he can. Nonetheless, he illustrates magazines covers and had solo exhibitions in art galleries.

Alain Welter | Mural Artist & Illustrator