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A place to dream in Rumelange!

L'Insomante, Frioul island, Marseille, november 2009

La foire du sommeil
How do we sleep? What happens during the night? And what do our dreams say about us? On 26 March 2022, the first event of the “EKINOX” project will take place in Rumelange: the “FOIRE DU SOMMEIL”, an incredible day to celebrate and question sleep through shows, performances, offbeat conferences, etc.

Alexandra Tobelaim looked at the issue of cross-border commuters: people living two lives: one during the day in Luxembourg and the other at night in France. This is why the two EKINOX events will each take place on a different side of the border: the first in Luxembourg, in Rumelange on 26 March, and the second in France in Aumetz on 24 September.

A programme combining science, culture, art and gastronomy to discover sleep and its many facets. A craft market and an ephemeral restaurant on the Place de la Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, yoga and breathing workshops in the town hall, events in every corner of the town, from the hairdresser’s salon to the old bookshop, via the cinema… For one magical day, the whole town of Rumelange will be transformed into an open-air theatre and will offer you an eclectic programme of shows, conferences and experiences to share.

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Programme for the day of 26 March 2022
From 14:30 to 18:00:
Big market of craftsmen / 15 mini-conferences / Exhibitions of “sleepers” / Performances / Show for children / Workshops and initiations / Films, cartoons, fictions and documentaries / surprises in the whole city

18:30 Big meal of “dreams”
20:00 Grand final show Deblozay