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24 hours Electro for Kids


Electronic Festival for Young Audiences
From 5 March to 3 April 2022, Rocklab is staging a special edition of its 24H Electro for Kids festival. In collaboration with Esch2022, the SKIP pavilion for young audiences will be transformed into a playground and sound laboratory! Both fun and instructive, this project lets children discover and explore the world of music and electronic sounds through a series of workshops and interactive installations. The festival includes events for school classes and after-school centres, as well as events for families and people with special needs.

For the grand finale of the festival on 3 April, young audiences are invited to attend an interactive electronic concert at the Rockhal.

For SCHOOL CLASSES and GROUPS during the week:
at the SKIP

From 7 March to 1 April 2022
3 sessions per day, duration 90 minutes
Tutored workshops including a visit of the sound installations (for ages 4 to 99)

Individual workshops (for participants from school cycle 1 onwards) led by DJ Brave. Discover amplified and electronic sounds, as well as the brand new interactive installation ‘MACHIN(E)S’ by the French collective Kogümi, a series of five futuristic machines that allow you to control synthesizers, drum machines and vocoders in a fun and collaborative way. A playground and a sound laboratory with an emphasis on experimentation, collective play and exploration of electronic sounds and digital musical creation.

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For FAMILIES at weekends:
at the SKIP

DIY mini-synth
Saturday 5 March | 11.00–13.00
Sunday 6 March | 11.00–13.00

2 sessions
Interactive workshop ‘DIY mini-synth’ – Build your own synth (for age 7+)
This workshop led by the Kogümi collective will show participants how to build a mini-synthesizer, from assembling the electronic components to decorating the box.

Retro Sci-fi
Saturday 5 March | 14.00–16.00
Sunday 6 March | 14.00–16.00

2 sessions
Interactive workshop ‘Retro Sci-fi’ – Creating the soundtrack of a retro film (for age 7+)
This workshop led by the Kogümi collective will take children behind the scenes of filmmaking and let them create the soundtrack of a science-fiction film using electronic instruments, sound effects and other unexpected objects.

Maach mat!
Saturday 12 March | 11.00–12.30 and 14.30–16.00
Saturday 19 March | 11.00–12.30 and 14.30–16.00

4 sessions
Musical workshop ‘Maach mat!’ – Workshop for families (for age 6+)
This workshop led by the artist DJ Brave will allow families and audiences with specific needs to discover electronic sounds and digital musical creation through a sound installation.

Final concert !BOOMBOOM!
at the Rockhal
Sunday 3 April 2022 at 15.00
Concert for Kids ‘!BOOMBOOM!’ (for age 6+)

This interactive electronic show will immerse young spectators in a great futuristic party and encourage them to explore new sound and musical landscapes via animations projected onto a screen and the performance of a trio of musicians on stage.

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