“Luxembourg Science Center” – an excursion into the fascinating world of science

By Globetrotter

You do not always have to travel far away: A day trip to the “Luxembourg Science Center” will also amaze, educate and inspire you for leisure activities and work. We visited this fascinating scientific and technological center in Differdange and were delighted.

At the “Luxembourg Science Center”, it is possible to experience different amazing workshops and shows every day, such as gigantic 1.5 million volt electric arcs, watch kickers playing against robots, admire steel that melts in seconds and much more.

At the center you are taught what you don’t read in school books. It offers perspectives on science and technology, presented in a way that’s not only entertaining but also founded in science. You don’t even notice that you are learning something new! This is how you make teaching fun.

We suggest you plan the visit a little in advance and choose the shows that you’d like to visit. You can book your seats online. This way, you won’t be disappointed on the day of your visit to learn that a show you really wanted to see is sold out because only a limited number of participants are allowed. In addition, not all shows are scheduled every day. Therefore, if you are passionate about a specific subject, you will need to plan your visit in advance.

Discovery tour for children …

This is exactly what is exciting at the “Luxembourg Science Center” in Differdange: with 70 experimental stations, the center offers you a multitude of opportunities to get up close to fascinating scientific subjects. If you visit the center as a group, it will be possible to discover the experiences individually, according to everyone’s interests. This makes it possible to learn about a specific subject in great detail. After a while, the group can meet up again, watch a show together and will certainly have a lot to talk about with their family in the evening.

The workshops are structured in an action-oriented way and involve a lot of audience participation, which makes them fun for both adults and children. Everyone can, depending on the activity, lend a hand and have their own experiences. It’s awesome!


You cannot compare the visit to the center to the visit of a museum where you might see dusty relics from the past. Here it is possible to immerse oneself in the future. By the time you go home, you won’t have seen everything. Scientific phenomena are incredibly exciting and are presented as if they were magic.

It is also fascinating to see that the “Luxembourg Science Center” always deals with current affairs. The phenomenon of “fake news” is for example one of the subjects they discuss. With the use of a specific subject, it is demonstrated what is false and what is true.

© Emile Hengen

In the end, the visit has a lasting effect since the center also invites to experiment via the website, where you can download activity sheets and develop your own experiences. Your creations can then be used to impress school friends or family. How do you feel about making a gravitational marble track in the middle of your living room for example?

… but also for adults

Not only children but also adults can learn during a daytrip to the “Luxembourg Science Center” in Differdange. The new 3D printer project for example is very fascinating. This project has only been around for a short time, so it is something new. Like a child you can delight in the printing process: it shows you exactly how a robotic arm makes a chromed metal part.

The extremely modern device was purchased as part of a new program to help young adults find their professional path. In total, six subjects are covered: electricity, mechatronics, metal processing, telecommunications, restoration of objects and 2D and 3D processing. Who knows, maybe one or other visitor might discover an idea to pursue in the professional future.

If you want to, you can even easily create a statue of yourself and print it with this device: The 3D printer connects to a 3D scanner. First, you allow yourself to be scanned. Everything is processed by software, then it is transferred to the printer, which prints the figurine. However, since the printing takes 3 hours, the creation is delivered later by post. It is a really fascinating experience!

It is therefore no surprise that the “Luxembourg Science Center” has become a highly visited establishment. It captivates not only children, but also adolescents and adults. We can warmly recommend it to anyone interested in science and technology and we are convinced that everyone will certainly spend an unforgettable day there – just like we did.

© Emile Hengen