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The largest of the instruments available to the little ones. Kinneekskanner – Orgelkids

Orgelkids ©Lydia Vroegindeweij

As part of the project “Discoveries and creations around the organ”
A spectacular instrument – the largest musical instrument ever invented by mankind – the organ is nevertheless a rather obscure instrument. In principle, everyone knows what an organ is but few people know how it works and what makes it sound so dynamic. The fact that it is often hidden high up on the organ loft in churches and cathedrals with little or no public access, further reinforces its mysterious and inaccessible image. Yet numerous initiatives to demystify the (originally profane) instrument and bring it closer to the public have already taken place in many places. In contrast to most – if not all – other musical instruments the organ is distinguished by an immense diversity of sizes and aesthetics: from a small portable organ to gigantic cathedral organs or concert halls, from baroque aesthetics to romantic-symphonic aesthetics to contemporary multi-repertory organs. There is therefore a great potential to be discovered both for the organ as a technical feat and for the music and its composers.

The aim of this project, carried out in collaboration with Les Amis de l’Orgue Luxembourg, is twofold: to introduce the workings of the musical instrument “organ” and the wealth of organs in the Grand Duchy.

Rather than theoretical lessons, a collaboration with the German project “Königskinder” and the Dutch initiative “Orgelkids” has made it possible to set up a participatory educational project “Kinnekskanner” to help children aged 10 and over discover the musical instrument with the help of a construction kit that will allow children to build a miniature organ in the classroom while discovering how it works before going on to discover a large organ. A final concert offered to the children accompanied by their parents and teachers will allow them to discover the richness of the sound of an organ and part of its repertoire.

Following the workshops organised for schoolchildren during the month of May, a creative workshop with the Orgelkids construction kit is intended for the general public (preferably families with children) to first discover the functioning of an organ with the help of the construction kit and to follow it up on the spot with a discovery of the internationally renowned Stahlhuth-Jann organ of the Saint-Martin church in Dudelange.

St. Martin’s Church, organ gallery, 8, rue de l’église L-3463, Dudelange
French, Luxembourgish
From 9 to 50 years old

A final concert offered to children accompanied by their parents and teachers will allow them to discover the richness of the sound of an organ and part of its repertoire.

KINNEKSKANNER ORGELFIDS : Final concert for organ for 4 hands
Sunday 12 June 2022 – 17:00-18:00 at the Saint-Martin Church Dudelange
Organ 4 hands: Alessandro Urbano and Alain Wirth
Programme adapted to children: De Pier an de Wollef, Carnival of the Animals and other works.
Reciter : Serge Tonnar
Église Saint Martin, 8, rue de l’église L-3463 Dudelange, Dudelange
From 0 to 66+ years