Villerupt (9,845 inhabitants, 6.56 km2) takes its name from “Ville” and “Rupt”, which means “Brook” in the Roman language. The locality of Cantebonne in Villerupt is situated 400m above sea level, making it the highest point in the entire Lorraine Pays-Haut region.

The town, which had long been shaped by the iron ore industry, suffered from its abrupt deindustrialization. As a place of hospitality and culture, the open-minded municipality has succeeded in creating a unique identity. The resolutely forward-looking town of Villerupt benefits from an Opération d’Intérêt National and a strategic steering plan (Plan de Pilotage Stratégique). Villerupt is experiencing a true renaissance and is actively participating in the renewal of its region. The upcoming opening of the large “Pôle Culturel de Micheville”, in the centre of the Eco Cité at the Micheville site, is part of the project and of national interest. This place, which promotes creative work, live theatre, and new means of communication, will be equipped to entertain with a cinema, and will also host the famous annual Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt.

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Essential Villerupt
L'Arche – Cultural Centre of Micheville

L'Arche is designed to become a regional and cross-border space for creative works, from digital art to stage art

House of Youth and Culture – Villerupt

As part of its project renewal, the MJC of Villerupt is conducting a survey among the inhabitants. This is an opportunity to share your wishes and desires

Le Rio cinema

This cinema, which adjoins the MJC, is one of the must-see venues of the Villerupt Film Festival



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