Boulange (2,494 inhabitants, 12.78 km2) is located in the commune of Fontoy. The former village of the Duchy of Bar later became the parish of the Diocese of Trier. In 1871, Boulange, Rédange and Aumetz, among others, became German under the Treaty of Versailles.

The Boulange Iron Ore Mine (1899), with the name the “Grube Reichsland”, changed the history of the village until its closure. The iron ore, mined at a depth of 200 metres, went to the Knutange steelworks.

Frescoes by artist Nicolas Untersteller, from Lorraine, and his wife, can be found in the church Notre-Dame de la Nativité (1931).

The Bassompierre municipality, which was independent until 1812 and was once the seat and office of the barony with the same name, is now connected to the Boulange municipality. The Bassompierre Chapel was expanded for the last time in 1764. A small lake can be found at the most recently renovated Bassompierre Site.

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