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4 solutions to join Esch2022

In many respects – with the artistic programme, funding and of course all the organisation that is involved – running a Capital of Culture year is an enormous undertaking. However large our ECOC team might be, for the year to be a success, we need the support of the people who live here. Each individual can make their contribution. Whether an artist with an idea for a project, a company that wants to become a sponsor, an association that wants to get involved or an individual who would like to do their bit and lend a hand – we need help. And we need it now.


1 Submit your own project idea

The Capital of Culture year offers an opportunity for transforming ideas into projects, for bringing people together and for creating works of art which might otherwise have been shelved. Anyone who has an idea which could enlarge and enrich our artistic programme is most welcome to share it with us.

The easier it is for an individual project to be integrated into our overall project, the greater the chance of it being accepted. Does it have some connection with our REMIX theme? Could it become part of one of our main projects? Does it aim to get people involved? Has it been designed with European partners? Once we have the label (the decision will be announced on 10 November 2017), there will also be a form here setting out the criteria for accepting projects.

Submit your project idea

2 Become a volunteer

There is so much to do. And right now during the lead-up time: there are journeys to be made, flyers to be handed out, artists to be looked after, texts to be translated and adverts to be placed. Anyone who wants to contribute their knowledge and experience is most welcome. Anyone can join in. A huge project such as organising a Capital of Culture year can only be successful if it is built on help and support from individuals. Anyone who wants to help should get in touch with us – there is plenty to do!

Become a volunteer

Sponsor Esch – Club 2022

This idea worked in Mons, European Capital of Culture 2015. And for Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture 2018, the Club also seems to be a great success. So we want to adopt the idea too and set up our own Club 2022 to find partners who can support us with organising and funding the project. The principle is straightforward: we offer 2022 companies the opportunity to become an Esch2022 “official sponsor” by donating 2022 Euros. We are currently working on an interesting package of services and advertising which would reward businesses for their commitment. More information about this and further sponsoring opportunities will be available here shortly.

Sponsorise Esch2022

Culture Parliament

We are currently setting up a Culture Parliament. For us to monitor our work, it is also important that we draw on the population’s experiences and knowledge. The Culture Parliament will meet once a month and ensure that we are keeping on track so that we can deliver a project that is perfectly in tune with the region and those who live here. Furthermore, the Culture Parliament is meant to guarantee that our project is worked out as transparently as possible and not behind closed doors. At the first meeting we want to present our budget to the Culture Parliament and invite discussion.

For more information
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Ech si fir Esch2022, well...
I support Esch2022, because...

Our aim is to become the 2022 European Capital of Culture!

It is with great pleasure and a firm sense of conviction that I took on the role of ‘ambassador’ for this project. My conviction stems from the knowledge that Esch and southern Luxembourg have what it takes to meet this challenge:

  • Our rich shared past
  • Our cultural landscape that was shaped by iron ore mining and subsequently reconquered by nature
  • Our multiple nationalities that have merged to form one single community
  • The new south, with the University of Luxembourg
  • Our fantastic institutions and cultural actors

These are all good arguments for boldly embarking on this venture together!

Mars di Bartolomeo
President of the Chamber of Deputies
Ech si fir Esch2022, well...
I support Esch2022, because...

I am backing the Esch bid to become cultural capital because it is an industrial and open-minded city proud of its history and steel-making heritage.

It has constantly switched sides of the border and generations of people from all over Europe have worked hard to make it prosper. It is a cultural melting pot in which the arts are deeply rooted.

I love Esch!

Aurélie Filippetti
French Deputy for Moselle
Former Minister of Culture
© Théid Johanns
Ech si fir Esch2022, well...
I support Esch2022, because...

I love our region. My ancestors are from the area and I feel at home in the former steel areas of the south where the earth is red. This region is important to me and I don’t want to see it left to wrack and ruin. While in other parts of Luxembourg, people appear driven by an all-consuming desire to indulge in the joys of capitalism, there is exceptional creative potential in this area that must be unearthed and revealed.

This is exactly what I am hoping will be achieved by the bid for Esch and southern Luxembourg to become European Capital of Culture. I hope this year will put our region in the spotlight, open doors, and encourage a sense of belonging, making people want to live here.

The blast furnaces have shut down. We need alternatives. I believe in the creativity of people from southern Luxembourg.

Théid Johanns

They support Esch2022