Schifflange, Municipality of the Month – From 22 July to 21 August 2022

From 22 July to 21 August 2022, the spotlight will be on the municipality of Schifflange, among others via two projects carried out as part of Esch2022. From Saturday 25 July to Friday 31 July 2022, fifteen delegations from different European countries will meet in Schifflange to participate in ‘Europe goes Scuffelingen’, an event organised in the framework of the European Festival (coordinated by the European Peoples’ Festival Association), which takes place every year in one of the member cities of the network. The objective of this festival is to discover the partner countries’ culture in all its forms. As part of Esch2022, the festival will also host delegations from the twin European Capitals of Culture of Esch2022, Kaunas and Novi Sad, from the municipalities of the CCPHVA, and from Drusenheim, a  town in Alsatia twinned with Schifflange. A key asset in the associative life of Schifflange and its cross-border influence, this European festival encourages encounters and aims to fight intolerance in all its guises through sports events, photography and painting competitions as well as tasting stands and booths dedicated to different cultures. It also aims to encourage citizens to adopt sustainable practices by using regional and eco-responsible products, and to introduce a wider public to the exceptional natural environment of the Red Earth region.

Through its second project, ‘D’So vum Marxeweier’, the municipality of Schifflange wants to celebrate its natural spaces by taking inspiration from a forgotten tale. This multidisciplinary project, which follows the narrative of this ancient lore, will see the creation of sculptures by Tom Flick, the development and production of a children’s book illustrated by Pit Wagner, and the production of an original musical work around the theme of water by the Harmonie Municipale de Schifflange.

‘Once upon a time, there was a beautiful pond in Schifflange, where young girls came to bathe and admire the view and the landscape. One day, as the water grew scarce and all the wells dried up, the inhabitants dug into the rock of a hill. But as they were digging, the famous pond began to dry up… Do you know why?’. In this project, which highlights the local natural heritage and the need for its sustainable development, residents and visitors will be invited to walk along a footpath leading to the sites mentioned in the story (the Schmëttbësch spring, waterfalls, rue du Parc, etc.).

Paul Weimerskirch, Mayor of Schifflange, talks about the projects in the two videos below:



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