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Relaxing in the countryside: Biergemer Kabaischen

« Biergemer Kabaischen »

The municipality of Mondercange is one of the oldest localities in Luxembourg and offers a variety of new touristic highlights in addition to its Esch2022 cultural programme. The brand new 90-kilometre hiking trail “Minett Trail” will be the setting for a varied cultural programme within the framework of Esch2022 and will take visitors, among other places, directly past the pop-up village to one of the 11 new Kabaisercher (guest houses) in the south of Luxembourg. The Biergemer Kabaischen is located just a stone’s throw from the cultural centre. This new accommodation is designed to combine comfort and nature in a perfect way. It will put the environment and sustainability at its heart. Hikers are welcome to stay in this small, original, environmentally friendly shelter, which was built from recycled cardboard. The walls are made up of 24 layers of cardboard that have been wrapped around a mould by a giant machine, which can be compared to the winding of a spool.

The Biergemer Kabaischen, also called “Wikkelhouse”, consists of individual segments that have been assembled in a very flexible and creative way, like building blocks. Furthermore, there was no need to pour elaborate foundations for this installation. The cardboard huts can be erected on small pillars and thus leave the smallest footprint possible.

The accommodations along the Minett Trail have different capacities (4 – 12 persons) and can be booked at The Kabaisercher are also suitable for families with children and 4 of the Kabaischercher are completely barrier-free.

As of 1 August 2022, the first overnight stays will be available at the “Floater” in Dudelange, the “Gonner Haus” in Rumelange and the “Aalen Arbed’s Büro” in Tétange. Until the end of the year, more Kabaisercher will open gradually. Bookings are open all year round. Prices start from 150€/night

The cultural programme along the Minett Trail:

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