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Play, develop an installation and imagine the Europe of tomorrow at Esch-Belval!

Join the team of Orbitia, an adult game that encourages collaboration
Working and planning in communion with the ideas of others is an unbeatable approach for resolving, collaboratively, complex problems. This is why the interdisciplinary research team of the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology has developed an interactive table-based activity which emphasises and supports focused, mutual coordination of group actions. The ITT activity ‘Orbitia’ is conceived as an adult game, promoting collaboration. The game is for three participants at one time, who have the task of taking on the role of the Space-Mining Crew and have to accomplish missions on an imaginary planet.

In the context of their mission, the three members of the crew are supposed to direct together a rover to collect different minerals, guarding the vehicle against possible damage, and managing scarce energy resources and spare wheels. Part of the planet’s surface having been covered by a sandstorm, the crew have to use a drone to find the ore, batteries and rocks hidden under the sand.

ESCH2022 and the members of the ORBIT project invite you to take on the challenge of this space mission.

Practical information:
You will find ‘Orbitia’ at the SKIP, a learning and recreational space at Esch-Belval, between 16 May and 2 June, each afternoon at 3pm. Discovery workshops are offered for senior citizens on 18 and 25 May. On 1 and 2 June there will also be workshops intended for children from 10 years old.

Participate in the development of the Esch-Belval quarter with Pop-Up Ma Parole (PUMP)!
On the former mining and steelworking site of Esch-Belval, between industrial history and ultramodern urban development, we dream of the past whilst at the same time imagining a bright future. This new town, planned as an ideal residential area, offers a laboratory for multiple temporalities, allowing us to think up scenarios for living together more effectively.

How can one live in and move around the Belval quarter? How can one make the place one’s own and change from being a mere user to an active citizen? How, through collaborative and participative actions, can one generate new collective energies?

The Franco-German artists from the Pop-Up Ma Parole collective seek to meet the public, without boundaries, by creating unusual artistic and relational frameworks. Their installation in the public space at Esch-Belval, poses questions about and reflects the main themes of the Esch2022 exhibitions at the Massenoire and the Möllerei.

In the context of Europe Day, 9 May, the first workshop unites tasting and promenading. An unusual meal concocted by Cantinemobile will be the chance to imagine “the Europe of tomorrow”. More than 70 years after the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community – a bygone era – how can the notion of Europe bring us together today?

In the context of the temporary setting of the kiosk, a daily workshop is offered: words in exchange for mixed fruits. A fun activity to inspire people to speak up in the public arena. The results of the workshop enlarge and enrich the setting day after day.

Practical information:
9 May 2022: Richtfest (inauguration) in the context of the Festival of Europe – unusual meal “Parcours des Pique-assiettes” (“Tour of the freeloaders”)
14 May 2022: Bergfest (half-time) – “Pixel Invaders” workshop
29 May 2022: dismantling of the installation – “Paroles TO-GO” workshop

Janine Schlimpert
Graphic Designer trained at the Bauhaus in Weimar and the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Janine Schlimpert has a practice based on interdisciplinary skills, the graphic process engaged in a larger creative approach and feeding on diverse influences. For around 15 years she has worked as a graphic artist, teaching and running workshops.

Robert Ilgen
Trained in architecture at Erfurt, he has worked in France, Germany and Switzerland on competitions, urban development studies, construction projects and socio-cultural projects. Since 2016 he has worked as an independent architect.