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Partners of Esch2022: You are investing in the future of Esch and of an entire region

Nancy Braun Photo : Lynn Theisen

Since 2018 Nancy Braun is the General Director of Esch2022. In our interview she shares the goals of the European Capital of Culture 2022, her vision and why companies should be part of this exceptional project which will have a great impact on the region in cultural and social terms, but also for businesses. 

What is the vision of Esch2022?

Esch2022 is about shaping the future of a region. The heart of this project is the cultural experience visitors will have. But it goes beyond, because culture is so much more than experience. It is a catalyst for change, for diversity and inventiveness. During the European Capital of Culture we want to embrace the great cultural power of our region.

What is the goal of Esch2022?

“Remix Future” is one of the guiding ideas for Esch2022. And this really represents what we want to do. The goal is to remix – we will bring together the cultural and the business world, we want to connect the great traditions of our region with the immense drive for innovation this upcoming year will bring. And with this, we will create a lasting impact for our region.

Why should companies become a partner of Esch2022?

Esch2022 has a national and an international radiant power. With its partnership, a company shows the commitment to Luxembourg and to the region of Esch in particular. Partners of Esch2022 invest in the future of our region – and by doing this, they invest in their own future too. Within the partnerships over 130 formidable cultural projects can be supported. Whether it is a large company or a small business, a monetary or an exchange service, any form of partnership is important and has its place.

With Esch2022, the region will transform and bring culture to the people.
Photo: Université Luxembourg

What do you offer in return for those companies that support Esch2022? Any company can be part of a project which will have a lasting impact not only for culture, but for the economy, the tourism same as innovation in mobility and sustainability in our region. With a partnership at the European Capital of Culture a company can showcase corporate social responsibility with a great visibility, to its employees but also to a global society. On top of that, each partner is offered a membership in the Business for Culture Club, a network that is committed to all the facets that affect our project and that connects them through conferences, trainings, events and exchange.