Partners of Esch2022: “Luxembourg will be positioned more in the collective mind of the European people.”

Photo : © Lynn Theisen

Adriana Migonney is Director of Sales of Accor in Luxembourg. Accor is a worldwide multinational hospitality leader, present in 110 countries across the world and with 14 locations in Luxembourg. Find out in the interview how Esch2022 will strengthen not just the economic development of the region but also its social cohesion. 

Esch is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2022. What does that mean to you? 

It means a lot of things and we are enthusiastic about being a partner of Esch2022 in this project. First of all, there are still a lot of people who need to understand what exactly Luxembourg is because for many of them we are, primarily, a financial market. But Luxembourg is much more than that. Having this great opportunity to be one of the European Capitals of Culture 2022 is a way of discovering Luxembourg from a different perspective. And it is not only for foreigners but also for people within the country. 

What is specific about the south of Luxembourg? How would you describe the identity of the region? 

What makes this destination very special is the fact that it is small; it is almost like a family. I have a lot of faith in what we call collective intelligence. When you are a small country, people can become very close. There is a kind of connection between partners, whether it is companies or people. Ultimately, we want the same thing. We all want this destination to grow. Particularly in the southern region, things have been moving a lot in recent years. There is a real desire and a great deal of effort has gone into changing from an area which used to be mainly industrial to a new urban educational city. 

Cité Des Sciences à Belval ©LFT_ClaudePiscitelli


What impact will Esch2022 have on the region? 

Esch2022 will stimulate local life and help to grow the south of Luxembourg which has been going through an identity transformation and has really been moving forward over the past 10 years. Since 2011, when the ibis Belval also opened, we have seen some tremendous developments. Therefore, we can only envisage a future with more confidence with regard to the growth potential of this area.  

Accor is a partner of Esch2022. Why?  

On the one hand, Esch2022 will bring together a lot of people who will need accommodation during the cultural year. On the other hand, we have a personal responsibility to stand by our values which also means getting involved in any important cultural event. It is part of what we want to do and who we are.  

In an international perspective, what will be the impact on the region here?  

Through Esch2022, Luxembourg will be better positioned in the collective mind of the European people. This project really drives people that are interested in discovering other small places featuring this European heritage. Over the past few years, I think everybody has visited European capital cities such as Barcelona or Paris. For me, and for us here in Luxembourg, our region is a small jewel that is still a bit hidden. I think that with this opportunity, people will be able to discover what Luxembourg is all about.

What role does the European idea play for Esch and its companies?   

The purpose of the concept of European Capital of Culture is to create a communication streamline between European countries from a cultural perspective. If we are able to represent the heart of Europe for one year, this is both a gift and a wonderful platform for us. In my opinion, European culture is one way to bring people together. In our times of digital disruption, it is very important to remember that there are things that unite us which we share across countries and languages. Things that make us all more human. 

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