Partners of Esch2022: Domaines Vinsmoselle “Associating ourselves with culture is part of our spirit.”

Photo: Lynn Theisen

Domaines Vinsmoselle is the first wine and crémant producer in Luxembourg. It is a cooperative of 200 families of wine growers and a partner of Esch2022. The company operates on three locations in Grevenmacher, Wormeldange and in Wellenstein where they have their head office and main production facilities. Learn more about their engagement in culture as a business and their mission behind it in our interview with Domaines Vinsmoselle’s General Director Patrick Berg.


In 2022, Esch will be the European Capital of Culture. What does that mean to you?

Esch becoming the European Capital of Culture is quite important to us as a company and to me especially, because I am from the South of Luxembourg, and I studied in Esch. I think it is really important to push and promote the Luxembourgish culture. For us it is really important to show that Luxembourg has a lot more to offer than just banking – such as the wine industry.


You are a partner of Esch2022. Why did you become a partner?

We used to be partners of Luxembourgish cultural cities in the past as well. It is one of our missions as a company to participate in the culture of the country as well as to promote the cultural elements of the country to revive local history.


What do you think will be an impact for the region considering Esch2022?

Esch2022 will bring the South of Luxembourg to the focus again and will help reinitiate this region which was a very promising part of the country back in the 60s, especially with the steel industry. But it has been forgotten a bit over the last couple of years. I think Esch2022 will actually help to revive that and bring back the spirit and the culture of the Southern part of our Luxembourg.


And what impact will it have on your business?

I believe that associating ourselves with culture and history is actually beneficial. It shows that we are a people company and that we care. It is part of our spirit. We are a cooperative company, so we are a company of families and it is really important for us to participate, partake and foster those kinds of family ties and be part of the cultural network of the country.



Domaine Vinsmoselle is planning to produce a special Crémant for Esch2022.
Photo: Matthieu Joannon

Why should other companies become part of Esch2022?

It is a wonderful opportunity to promote yourself as a company and to do something for your country, do something for the people and show that you have more than just the business in mind, but that you also have a heart.


When you are thinking of the European idea behind the European Capital of Culture, what does the European concept mean to you?

The Domaine Vinsmoselle dates back to 1921, so the European concept means a lot to us. This year, we are a hundred years old since we started the first Cooperative in Grevenmacher and export has always been one of the major elements of our business. Today, roughly 50 percent of our production is exported – mainly within the European Union, so we especially export to Belgium, to Germany and France. The European concept has always been key and center to our business and our thriving.

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