Focus on the programme: “BLOOM”

Focus on the programme: “BLOOM” De la coulée sidérurgique à la coulée historique ©KompleXKapharnaüM

Sowing the seeds of tomorrow’s world on the remains of the past, 
Knowing where you come from to knowing where you’re going, 
That is the aim of our artistic project, which is taking shape in the region, with its inhabitants.  
To deconstruct the accepted historical narrative and focus on individual experiences: personal memories, oral accounts, family pictures… To explore the intimate sphere and collect anecdotes which enable us to make the narrative of the past more human. Our method is simple, basic even. To walk the streets, explore the city, constantly look for unexpected encounters, knock on doors and take one’s cue form fortuitous connections.  

This immersion in human relations will be documented and some of it will be shared on Instagram under #KXKMesch2022 to create a common thread connecting all these seeds. That new matter will in turn become the basis for the spectacular forms with which we populate the city in the months to come. Once harvested, these first seeds will be nursed carefully and germinate to become young shoots, the first symbols of tomorrow’s imaginary world of tomorrow, a world invented together with the inhabitants.  

More is to follow in the coming months – stay tuned.  

In partnership with Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, KompleX KapharnaüM continues to prepare a series of spectacular events that will resonate in Belval and in the centre of Esch-Alzette in October 2021 and later at opening on 26 February 2022.  

‘FENÊTRE OUVERTE’, the collective’s first digital residency in the fall of 2020, allowed its members to discover the city of Esch-Alzette, its history and its inhabitants. The 5 day event brought together graphic designers, painters, videographers, sound designers and authors from KompleX KaphranaüM, who created a visual fresco offering a unique vision of the territory.  

This spring, a second meeting with the company is scheduled, during which its artistic team will cross the city in all directions and meet its inhabitants.  

KompleX KapharnaüM will be present in Esch-Alzette from 17 to 20 May, from 5 to 8 June and from 23 to 26 June 2021. You can follow the project and contact us: INSTAGRAM: @KOMPLEXKAPHARNAUM EMAIL: BLOOM@KXKM.NET

European Capital of Culture is much more than just a city.
It’s a whole territory.

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