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New voices for the TICE bus stops in the Esch2022 region

Recording of the new voices for the Tice bus stops at the Rockhal ©Esch2022

After the successful end of the casting and thanks to the best voices in the region, Esch2022 will bring new life to your TICE bus rides from mid-September. During the months of June and July 2021, the Esch2022 team, together with the REMIX COMMUNITY, was on the road in the Minett region to record voices for the stop announcements on the regional busses. More than 300 residents took part in this extraordinary casting, with 110 votes reserved by Esch2022. From 16 September, the regional bus stops will be announced by the residents, providing a colourful mix of announcements during your bus journeys.

We also invite all participants to join us on our audio journey through the Minett region on 15 September. On this trip, the participants will be able to hear their own voice on the bus for the first time. Let yourself be surprised during your next bus trip with the TICE bus. Maybe one of the voices will sound familiar to you. It could be one of your family members or acquaintances.

A big thank you goes to all the motivated participants who took part in this project!