Minett Trail: Lodge in Sanem

Lodge in Sanem ©A+T Architecture

At the heart of the project, designed by A+T Architecture, lies the commitment to draw on the memory of the site as well as on the industrial past that has marked the Minette landscape. The 1950s bungalow currently occupying the site will be removed and only its typology will be retained and updated. The skyline will match that of the industrial warehouse standing on the same plot. The identity of the area is further preserved thanks to the chimney, a striking symbol of the mining industry, and the earth-red metallic cladding on the facade, produced and supplied by ArcelorMittal. For the jury, these ‘close links to the surrounding landscape’ are one of the project’s strongest points. In terms of functionality, the lodge was designed as a meeting place with three functionally differentiated areas: reception and communal living, dwelling and sanitary facilities, and services.

Architects office: A+T Architecture
Site: Belvaux
Number of beds: 8 single beds and 2 double beds