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Jean Weiler, mayor of Kayl/Tétange: “We have to prepare for demographic changes in our town.”


Interview with Jean Weiler, mayor of the municipality of Kayl/Tétange

Could you present your municipality?
JEAN WEILER: With almost 10,000 in- habitants of 86 different nationalities, Kayl/Tétange is a pleasant town surrounded by former mining sites that have been reclaimed by nature.

What is your vision for the town between now and 2030?
We have to prepare for expected demographic changes, which we are able to do thanks to the Housing Pact and our Kayl-Nord project, which will accommodate 3,800 inhabitants. We will also have to adapt our schools and sports facilities and our public transport network to cope with this influx. Obviously, all these new developments are being carried out with a view to reducing the use of fossil fuels, which is why we are focusing on solar energy and sustainable construction. We are also taking care to integrate nature into our new neighbourhoods, with islands of greenery, in order to make these places friendly and pleasant for future residents.

Name three highlights from the Esch2022 programme?

1. Den Neie Mineur
A project that includes a graphic novel dedicated to Jean Schortgen, the first miner elected to the Chamber of Deputies, a musical with workers’ songs and a theatre production for young people.
09.12 11.12

2. The Great Industry
An exhibition created in Kaunas, Lithuania, also European Capital of Culture 2022, featuring unexpected fragments of its industrial landscape.
UNTIL 17.12

3. Minett Trail
A hiking trail that stretches over a total of 90 km through the 11 municipalities of the Pro-Sud, with stopover shelters (known as Kabaisercher) designed by various architects. TRAIL MAP AT WWW.ESCH2022.LU, WWW.MINETTTRAIL.LU, WWW.KABAISERCHER.LU