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Interview with Patrick Berg, Poll-Fabaire’s General Director

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“Working with artists and supporting cultural events”

How does POLL-FABAIRE regard culture?
As a major player on the Luxembourg wine and crémant scene, it is vital for us to work with artists and support cultural events, something we have done for many years now. Culture and crémant go hand in hand and are both integral to Luxembourg.

Why did you decide to become a partner of Esch2022?
We frequently sponsor cultural experiences, including, in the past, Luxembourg’s European Capital of Culture reign, which we celebrated with the creation of our crémant Cult. Our brand has a time-honoured tradition of establishing a link with this type of occasion by developing an event-based cuvée each time. We also believe that Esch2022 will be the springboard for kickstarting Luxembourg’s cultural and community life post-pandemic.

How are you supporting Esch2022?
We collaborated with the Esch2022 organisers to come up with a special new vintage. Launched on 15 December 2021, we are currently promoting and selling this sparkling wine throughout Luxembourg. Members of the public will also get the chance to sample it during the course of the year.

©Eva Krins for Maison Moderne