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Illustrator Lynn Cosyn adorns a Luxair plane in the Esch2022 colours!

On 26 November 2021, in the presence of Georges Mischo, the president of Esch2022, Nancy Braun, General Director of Esch2022, and Gilles Feith, CEO of Luxair Group, a company plane adorned with artwork by Lynn Cosyn will be unveiled during a special press conference at the company’s headquarters. A trained architect, Cosyn received one of her first commissions as an illustrator when she was asked to produce an illustrated map of Luxembourg for the city of New York! This project set off a snowball effect, as Cosyn went on to create several murals (at Kulturfabrik and Cloche d’Or, among others), illustrate numerous books and hold her first solo exhibition at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Tokyo.

The artist was immediately enthralled by the proposal of this partnership with Luxair and Esch2022, particularly as regards the exceptional format of the commission: ‘This is not a simple postcard but a plane! With varying scales across distorted surfaces, and the fact that my work, my art, was going to be up in the sky! I realised from our first meeting that it would be huge and that I would have to be printing in different formats. It seemed totally beyond me but I knew it was an amazing opportunity.’

For the design of the giant decals that adapt to the shapes of the airplane, the illustrator was inspired by the colours of the Luxair and Esch2022 logos, but also by the common values ​shared by the airline and the European Capital of Culture, such as optimism and diversity: ‘When I think of Luxair, the memory of my first family trip comes to mind.’ Cosyn’s joyful and colourful universe also resonates with the themes of Esch2022 such as ‘REMIX Culture’, but also ‘REMIX Nature’, as nature is a recurring theme in her illustrations: ‘I wanted to represent the people who live here: my drawings evoke everyday life, people, nature and symbolic buildings. I like to integrate all of these elements, and I wanted to show the diversity of the Esch region. For me, the most important thing was that it should be funny, upbeat and positive so as to reflect that diversity.’