Discover Esch2022 through 3 questions

What is the meaning of Esch2022

Under the slogan REMIX Culture and its four sub-sections REMIX Art, REMIX Europe, REMIX Nature and REMIX Yourself, Esch2022 aims to create synergies, guarantee sustainable development and, most importantly, ensure that the general public gets actively involved.

What is the vision of Esch2022?

Esch2022 presents a vibrant innovation hub, a region that was once driven by a unique industrial tradition and is now turning into a future-oriented centre of knowledge and innovative and creative technologies. The region is now adapting to a world post Covid-19 while remaining true to its unique identity consisting of a deep-rooted cultural diversity that is characterised by a strong sense of belonging and community while continuing to challenge the notions of boundaries and borders.  

After years of transition, it remains a favourable space for the development of a common future where transparency, solidarity and trust will always prevail. 

What are the goals of Esch2022?

Esch2022 creates a new perception of the region as an attractive cultural and city trip destination, creates new offers and attractions, strengthens regional identity and increases international popularity. 

At the local level, Esch2022’s watchwords are: Provide access. Empower the population. Inspire confidence. Change perspectives. Turn to innovation. At European level, Esch2022’s message is to draw strength from within. Believe. Take back control of your own destiny and build a sustainable future. 

Esch2022 offers a space of freedom and recreation that encourages us to bring new perspectives to our lives in order to strengthen this sense of common identity and trust and thus create a legacy of which we can be proud. Esch2022 encourages cultural diversity to foster personal growth. Inspire others and let others inspire you. 



Since 1985, the title “European Capital of Culture” has been awarded annually by the European Union. At the suggestion of the then Greek Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri, the ministers responsible for cultural affairs in the Council of the European Community launched the initiative on June 13, 1985.

Creating meeting spaces

To this day, the goal of the European Capitals of Culture is to highlight the diversity of European culture, promote encounters and communicate European values. Cultural aspects of a city, a region or even the entire country are to be made more accessible to the European public. The title is intended to support sustainable cultural initiatives and contribute to the development of the places through increased national and international attention.

To date, more than 60 cities within the European Union have been awarded the title as part of the “European Capital of Culture” initiative, and at least two cities have been awarded the title since 2001. The selection process begins with a six-year lead time, during which an independent panel of up to 12 international experts evaluates all applications and makes a recommendation to rotating member states, which then nominate the Capital of Culture.

Esch2022 takes on a significant legacy

In addition to Esch-Alzette, Kaunas in Lithuania, with which numerous joint projects have already been initiated, and Novi Sad in Serbia, whose programme planned for 2021 has been postponed to 2022 due to the Corona pandemic, have also been selected as Capitals of Culture for 2022.
Luxembourg City held the title in 1995 and 2007.

European dimension

The term “Europe” not only refers to a geographical definition, but to political, economic and cultural coexistence. It means overcoming boundaries and creating spaces of opportunity. The European idea has a very special meaning for the European Capital of Culture 2022 project as well as for the region: as a border region, it is commonplace for residents of the region to cross borders between France, Belgium or Germany – freely and without controls. As a melting pot of cultures and nations, also due to many immigrants during its time linked to the development of the steel industry, multiculturalism and multilateralism are an integral part of coexistence and regional identity.

Culture as a transformer

The European Capital of Culture project fulfils several dimensions by promoting the development of the Minett at the regional level and, at the national level, Esch2022 represents the largest cultural project of the entire year in Luxembourg, bringing the region and the entire country to the centre of international attention. And, of course, Esch2022 has a significant European dimension, creating the opportunity to present fundamental European values and visions in a new light through art and culture, and to showcase the dynamism of the southern region, including its specific cultural and natural heritage, beyond its borders.

“REMIX Europe” as a theme

One of the key themes of this European project is „REMIX Europe“. The project is intended to challenge the European idea, to carry it even further and deliberately focuses on enabling and promoting transnational projects and partnerships. Esch2022 brings together numerous artists and institutions from all over Europe to provide a platform for the diversity of European cultures in their many artistic disciplines to come to life.

The partnerships with the two other European partner cities Kaunas in Lithuania and Novi Sad in Serbia, with which numerous joint projects have already been initiated, is significant in this respect.

Partnerships with other European countries

An artistic reflection on the subject of the digital revolution, unprecedented in Luxembourg, will be carried out with internationally renowned partners: ZKM – Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe is an institution that has been pursuing its mission since 1989 to promote understanding of the world and the technologies that define it, and to raise public awareness of the issues and problems of our time.

Esch2022 also collaborates with the House of Electronic Arts – HeK Basel, the public centre in Switzerland that supports creative and artistic discourse on the aesthetic and socio-political consequences of digital technologies.

The partnership with Ars Electronica in Linz, a renowned platform for art, technology and society founded in 1979, is enabling the development of an interactive laboratory for the general public.

Together with Esch2022, the three partners present three different exhibitions on the key themes ” REMIX Identity”, “REMIX Nature” and “REMIX Art”.

For “REMIX Europe” the team has teamed up with the Luxembourg partner Historical Consulting. Historians and curators Pit Péporté and Sophie Neuenkirch are currently developing an exhibition on the perspectives of contemporary Europe with Dutch designers Tinker Imagineers.

Esch2022 stands for networking of people and institutions and active participation – as many as possible should be part of this great project. Numerous other projects are at the planning stage, initiated with partners from all over Europe.


 In order to highlight the many facets of Esch2022, we have created a clear and specific REMIX label, which will bring all of our activities together.

REMIX – Esch2022: our proactive and inclusive approach

REMIX is the very spirit of Esch2022. It reflects the desire to act, to show autonomy, and to enjoy creative freedom, all within a participatory and inclusive framework. REMIX is about shaping the future together.

REMIX Culture: our lives and our culture within an extraordinary region

Culture includes all forms of artistic expression, but it also covers the numerous elements that define us as human beings. REMIX Culture means our history, our traditions, our geographical roots, and the numerous aspects of our lives within this culture-rich region. REMIX Culture!

REMIX Future: from industrial to digital – our past and our future

Esch2022 aims to celebrate the diversity and history of a cross-border region in the heart of Europe. It tells the history of its evolution. What can the journey from the industrial era to the knowledge society tell us about its future potential in the digital revolution? REMIX Future!

Esch2022 proposes to discuss today’s major societal subjects with all citizens.

REMIX Yourself: our identity, here and now

In what way do the digital era and cultural diversity influence today’s identities? REMIX Yourself proposes exhibitions, concerts, live shows, and many other activities all around the concept of identity. REMIX Yourself!

REMIX NATURE: towards a more sustainable society

Based on artists’ visions and citizens’ participation, REMIX NATURE will be exploring the idea of a more resilient, supportive and ecological society. Sustainability will be addressed from many different angles in the programme under the big umbrella of REMIX NATURE.

REMIX Europe: Exploring our limits and our opportunities in the heart of Europe

REMIX Europe will explore perspectives on Europe, its borders, limits and opportunities. REMIX Europe will be designed around exhibitions that dismantle stereotypes, collaborative projects and live shows celebrating living together with our differences. REMIX Europe!

REMIX Art: Art as a reflection of our society

REMIX Art will focus on contemporary art at the intersection of technology, science and society on the site of Esch-Belval. REMIX Art will explore alternative visions and imagine solutions in view of building a happier and more resilient world together.


Esch2022 proposes a programme that adopts a resolutely contemporary approach, firmly anchored in the present and the questions of today, in order to formulate the outline of a societal project for a future based on inclusion, participation and sustainability.

Partner cities

In addition to Esch-Alzette, two other cities were awarded the title of “European Capital of Culture” for the year 2022, joining the more than 60 cities that have been granted this prestigious title to promote the richness of diversity and multiculturalism.

Esch2022 is in close contact with the two other cities and is notably developing parts of its programme in partnership such as encounters in museums and theatres and the development of joint festivals.

Through these partnerships, we aim to bring populations, cities and countries closer together through culture. Europe should continue to grow together.

Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022. From temporary to contemporary. 

The city of Kaunas (Lithuania), designated by the European Commission as the second European Capital of Culture for 2022, is the “twin” of Esch-Alzette. When Kaunas unexpectedly became the temporary capital of Lithuania in 1919, this status became the source of creative energy, even if only temporarily.

In collaboration with renowned artists from around the world, communities are designing symbols for their neighbourhoods for 2022, making street art, doing exhibitions, planting their courtyards, dancing, exploring the unique flavour of local areas. Kaunas is already called the city where you can’t avoid culture. In 2022, locals and guests will be surprised every weekend with an impressive international cultural event. In addition, there are hundreds of smaller events throughout the year.

Another highlight – the Mythical Beast of Kaunas. The creature will invite everyone on a personal journey of self-discovery. The mythical trilogy begins with the awakening of the Beast (20-22 January 2022), meeting it face to face (20-22 May 2022), and signing a treaty of friendship with the city, its neighbour, and itself (25-27 November 2022).

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Novi Sad: Building new bridges with a new cultural image

Novi Sad is one of the first cities outside the EU to be named European Capital of Culture. The main idea of the program narrative “For new bridges” becomes more visible every day, with the aim of leaving solid legacies that improve the cultural image of the city: new programmes, new processes, committed people (citizens, cultural institutions, associations, organisations, artists) and finally new places for culture. So the vision of the project is: ‘The beginning of the new. Now!’

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