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GAZETTE – December

Winter is setting in and the end-of-year celebrations are approaching… In December, come and warm up in Kayl/Tétange, a charming town known for its Schungfabrik. Since this year, the Schungfabrik is home to two new museums: the MUAR (Musée vun der Aarbecht) and the FERRUM Museum. The latter is currently hosting the exhibition “The Great Industry” by the Lithuanian artist Auksé Petruliené, in cooperation with Kaunas2022, also European Capital of Culture.  The mayor of the municipality, Jean Weiler, also talks about the Den Neie Mineur project, that includes a graphic novel dedicated to Jean Schortgen, the first miner elected as a member of the Chamber of Deputies, a musical with workers’ songs and a theatre production for young people.

On the French side, the focus is on the municipality of Russange, a “typical small agricultural municipality in Moselle” according to Mayor Jean-Jacques Bourson, which is open to its neighbours, its population and its history.

Also in this issue, the director of Esch2022, Nancy Braun, gives an early overview of the impact of the European Capital of Culture on the southern region of Luxembourg. The projects and collaborations initiated thanks to Esch2022 will have a lasting impact on the region, not only for the cultural sector, but also in terms of sustainable development, accessibility, sponsorship, cross-border cooperation, etc.

Europe and cross-border issues are also on the agenda this month with two thematic exhibitions in Esch-Belval: Frontaliers. Des vies en stéréo. at the Massenoire and Pure Europe which opens on 17 December at the Möllerei.

Finally, the three main partners Arcelor Mittal, BMW and Ferrero remind us of their support for culture and the Esch2022 projects.

And as usual: find out about all the shows, exhibitions, workshops and other cultural projects taking place in December in the Esch2022 region.

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