Focus on the programme: ‘Dance is conveyed without words and breaks down social barriers’

The mission of the Lucoda collective is to ‘establish dance in places where it is not usually found’. Dance allows one to (re-)gain awareness of one’s own body and to (re-)connect with the self, while at the same time cultivating relationships with others. The Luxembourg-based collective aims to promote dance through collaborative processes. The work of its dancers, choreographers and teachers seeks to encourage movement by all and for all, often in unexpected contexts.

As part of Esch2022, the collective will invite audiences to actively participate in three new projects aimed at strengthening the presence of amateur and professional dance in the south of the country and making it part of everyday life.

Initiated by the municipality of Differdange, the project ‘DifferDanceDays’ will literally deliver contemporary dance to people’s homes, on foot or by bicycle, as part of one-off events scheduled in various places throughout the community. At the Science Center, visitors will be able to explore the five senses through dance thanks to the installation The Kingdom of Silence. Over the course of five weekends across 2022, workshops organised in partnership with local organisations will allow each and everyone to try out several styles of dance. This ‘remix’ of contemporary dance with street art, African dance, etc. will culminate in a highly anticipated participatory ball that will bring together amateur and professional dancers.

As part of the project ‘Remix Audience’ initiated by the municipality of Sanem, two Canadian choreographers will work closely with professional dancers from the Esch2022 region. The result of their residency will be presented during a unique performance at Artikuss. Before or on the night of the performance, couples of spectators will be formed at random based on a ticket lottery so as to initiate new encounters. At the end of the performance, the couples will be able to share their thoughts with the artists over a drink.

The project ‘The Visit’ proposes to (re)visit the territory of Esch and the partner municipalities of southern Luxembourg in the company of professional dancers. Following the screening of a short film that combines dance and unique industrial heritage sites, the public will be invited to explore these spaces as part of on-site dance performances. The performances will question the impact of human activity on the landscape and will be narratively connected to the film. Among other things, the public will be invited to take a 30-minute hike culminating in a dance performance in Maison Rosati, a refuge situated in the so-called ‘Schlassboesch’ forest, 4 kilometres from the town of Esch-Alzette.