Exploring our region: Freerunner Lynn Jung jumps from nature to cities to industry

Whether it’s a disused blast furnace, ruins, or a monument in the city centre, for Lynn Jung, the whole region in southern Luxembourg is one big playground. She is one of the worldwide parkour scene’s leading female athletes and was born and raised in Luxembourg. In this interview, she not only reveals where she likes to climb but also shows the places where she comes to relax. If you want to see Lynn in action at the respective places, you can take a look at the YouTube video.

What are your favourite places in the South of Luxembourg?

There’s so much that is special about the Southern region of Luxembourg. There’s so much happening, especially in the past five years. For me, personally, it’s the countryside, the forests that are all around us. I am a very social person, I like being in cities. My sport is essentially done in the streets, in big cities, but I’m a very quiet person as well. I like getting into the countryside for a walk or a run, just getting away from everything. Maybe putting in my headphones, going for a run, listening to music or an audiobook, and just being in the moment. The Schëfflenger Bierg is the best place to do that. If you want to go to a nice city, Dudelange is the place to choose. I would say, to anyone really, but especially teenagers, come to Dudelange and enjoy the music festivals, the skate parks, the cafes because it is such a vibrant, colourful town.

What is special about the South of Luxembourg?

Even when you’re somewhere in a city, you’re always near to a nature reserve, but then when you go into the city, there’s so much happening. It’s such a multicultural place with loads of new businesses popping up left and right, and I really enjoy that.

Which places are the best for parkour in the South of Luxembourg?

For me, the perfect place for parkour training is Belval, for many reasons. Every time I come here, the architecture has changed. There are new buildings, there are new places to explore and just play around, where you can find new lines and routes. The old buildings remain, alongside new architecture. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing place to be in. I think, altogether, that it is what makes the place really special. Other than that, everyone should visit Belval because of the new university and the really good food places.

Also I have to point out that the Mont Saint-Jean Castle is really parkour heaven. There are a lot of ruins where you can jump, climb and do stuff. Even if you are not into parkour it’s a cool place to visit!


What do you expect from #Esch2022?

I really hope that Esch2022 is going to bring out, or make visible, sports that maybe aren’t yet very popular, as well as street art in general. Once people see that those sports cultures and subcultures exist, people get interested in them, and they get promoted more. There will be a lot of art, a lot of exhibitions, music, and people coming together, which is always exciting. It’s something I’m looking forward to and I really hope that a lot of people are going to come from within the country, but also from abroad, just to see what’s happening and enjoy the experience.