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Espaces22: Plancher des Coulées (Casting Platform)

Plancher des Coulées ©Emile Hengen

Located in the Blast Furnace A near the casting hole, the Plancher des Coulées was the founders’ main workplace. It consists of a thick sloped slab of concrete across the Covered Hall where visitors can still see the tank and other historic technical equipment. Today, the Plancher des Coulées has been turned into an educational space open to visitors for part of the year. It recently accommodated ANYWHERE by Mary-Audrey Ramirez, an immersive installation composed of large-size soft sculptures and a soundscape, as part of Ars Electronica Esch2022 Luxembourg Garden. In the context of Esch2022, the Plancher des Coulées will host a platform and removable seats that will be used to present the living arts programme in spring and summer. A bridge will then connect it to the ‘Möllerei’ (the former blast furnace charge preparation building).