REMIX – The leitmotiv of Esch2022

Esch2022 transports the heritage of Esch-Alzette, the Pro-Sud and CCPHVA communities of the steel and coal industry, into a new era.

Esch, the future Capital of Culture, is based on the motif of the REMIX, an impulse to act together, a combination of old and new, a mixture of the known and the never-seen-before – with the aim of creating something new, for a sustainable, social and successful future for our region.

Esch2022 connects us. It combines our history, our traditions, the unique nature of the region with new influences from science, new technologies, from art and culture. These different influences are divided into different leitmotivs called REMIX:


Culture encompasses all kinds of art, from music to the performing arts to dance and performance. However, culture is also what defines us as people and as a community: our traditions, many different roots, diverse languages, customs and stories, all of which come together and are mixed in this place. REMIX CULTURE!


Esch2022 is a community project. Participation, co-creation and diversity are a central goal. Our cultural diversity, our multilingualism and our solidarity. Our community is a unique mix; many identities grow together into one. During Esch2022, there will be numerous exhibitions, concerts, performances and other activities, all revolving around the topic of identity – REMIX YOURSELF!


Esch2022 wants to set impulses for more sustainability, not only in ecological but also in social terms. The many artistic projects and citizens’ initiatives are intended to collect ideas and show perspectives for a more sustainable coexistence. Our “Red Earth” is fertile ground that allows ideas to flourish. REMIX NATURE!


What do we mean by Europe? Esch2022 lives the European idea and wants to contribute to showing possibilities from the similarities and differences between the numerous European cultures and countries – away from the stereotypes and towards the development of diversity and solidarity. REMIX EUROPE!


Art means freedom and openness, which allows it to show alternatives and solutions for every area of life. How does the digital age influence our lives? Esch2022 presents contemporary media art at the intersection of technology, science and society in Esch-Belval. This interface holds tremendous potential for the ideas of the future and invites us to shape the world of tomorrow. REMIX ART!


Esch2022 looks ahead. We’re heading into the future together, REMIX FUTURE!

With its multifaceted initiatives and projects, the project builds on the basis of our history, using the opportunities of science and technology to create a sustainable, social and successful future for the region together.

Now it’s over to you!