REMIX ART – The projects

Project selection for “Remix Art”

A call for projects in 2019 was taken up with 600 local art and cultural projects. From these, Esch2022 has selected 130 projects for presentation, discussion and participation in the cultural programme of the future Capital of Culture. Each of the numerous applications was reviewed in a meticulous selection process by an eleven-strong jury made up of members of the citizenry and from the Ministry of Culture. The decision was not an easy one, as each application reflected the individual wealth of ideas and the common socio-cultural diversity of the southern region of Luxembourg. The projects that were finally selected are primarily linked to the central criteria of the Esch2022 major project: innovation, participation, public involvement, European alignment, and sustainable impact.

The art programme of Esch2022 – a cross-border selection

Above all, the European idea is important in the cultural programme of Esch2022. The main focus is on cross-border joint thinking and shaping the future. The projects outside the Pro-Sud and CCPHVA communities are distributed so that 80 projects are located on the territory of the city of Esch, while 38 projects of the overall selection will take place on French territory. The cross-border approach also applies to the diversity of the various artistic projects. Thirty percent of the projects can be assigned to the genre of transmedia art, which is to say they combine different forms of presentation such as art, music, architecture and dance or mix classical with modern art forms. This re-mix also applies to the new art sector of media art, which can be experienced as part of the art exhibitions in the Möllerei.

The diversity of our region in one programme

Its diversity is what makes our region special. A cross-section of the municipalities and the projects located there within the framework of Esch2022 shows that each community has chosen a different focus. Because our south has numerous facets that will also find international resonance in the context of Esch2022.

The community of Kayl promotes urban dance through the “Identity” project, while Käerjeng presents the different tastes of Luxembourg food culture at the salon “Au goût du terroir”. On the other hand, music plays an important role in the community of Dudelange, which hosts numerous festivals such as the new “Festival Vitrines”. The municipality of Bettembourg celebrates literature with the LiteraTour. In the French CCPHVA communities, cinema is put in the spotlight with the “Le cinéma italien et ses musiques” festival, among other things, and the “Eden Europa” project is developing gardens and thus sowing the seeds for a sustainable future. The municipality of Schifflange celebrates Europe with projects such as “Europe goes Scuffelingen”. Pétange extends the tradition of the carnival and brings together all the inhabitants of the Minett Basin and the Greater Region in a European cavalcade. In Rumelange, we dive into the past of mining and, through the “Rëm.xx” project, witness how the past can be connected with the future. With its “Diffmix” project, Differdange invites us to artistically shape public space, and puts the main focus on inclusion and diversity as exemplified by projects such as “RemixAudience” by the Lucoda Dance Collective. While the municipality of Mondercange investigates sustainable ways of life of the future with the help of a “pop-up village”, Sanem and its art project or course “loop — down the hills, across the land”, invites us to help with shaping, and at the same time connects all 19 communities of the future Capital of Culture. 19 municipalities – a multifaceted identity. REMIX ART!

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