REMIX ART – The Möllerei programme partners

REMIX ART! special people, special places

The slogan “Remix Art” challenges all of us who live in the south of Luxembourg to be artists. What Joseph Beuys once expressed with “everyone is an artist” is reflected in the diversity of the artistic programme of the European Capital of Culture 2022. The idea of REMIX ART is not to assume the role of silent viewer, but to actively participate in the art performances and exhibitions and to shape the future. Join us and be part of REMIX ART!

Belval – from wasteland to knowledge campus

Belval is an important venue for the artistic supporting programme. Nowhere else in the south do past and present meet so closely, and no other place symbolises so much the transformation of an industrial to a knowledge society. The main exhibitions of the artistic programme of Esch2022 will take place mainly in two places, in the Möllerei, once a transhipment point and warehouse for iron ore, coke and other materials needed in the production of cast iron, and on the former production site of the “black mass”, the Massenoire, in which a mixture of coke and tar was used to plug the puncture holes in iron casting. These two places of industrial heritage offer an innovative space that is true to the programme slogan of “Remix Art”. Here, traces of the industrial past will merge with the novel approach of media art.

The Möllerei programme partners

In the industrial arsenal of the Möllerei, we will be given the space to reflect on ourselves and our identity in the age of the digital revolution. Three exhibitions will be staged here during Esch2022, curated by three international Möllerei programme partners. The Centre of Art and Media Karlsruhe, ZKM, as one of the first institutions to deal exclusively with media art and unique in Europe with a comprehensive collection of photographs, sound recordings and works of art, will design the opening exhibition entitled “Hacking Identity – Dancing Diversity”. The Haus der elektronischen Künste, HeK Basel, a young institution from Switzerland that also operates at the intersection of art and technology, will curate an exhibition on the motif “Remix Nature” and encourage us to think of alternative possibilities in the face of collapsing eco systems. Ars Electronica Linz, the international platform for art, technology and society and the festival of the same name for the electronic arts, is designing the exhibition “IN TRANSFER”, which deals with the role of the artist today. All three Möllerei programme partners will conduct the highly topical debate on society and technology, which is a burning issue for all of us in this age of the digital revolution.