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Esch2022 x Alain Welter mug

In the framework of the partnership with Let’s Make It Happen, Esch2022 presents the first co-branded item belonging to the Luxembourg Collection: the Esch2022 mug by Alain Welter. The design of the “Esch2022 mug by Alain Welter” was developed in the context of our collaboration with the city transport network TICE. Alain Welter used graphic elements typical of the Minett region and transferred them artistically onto a total of 10 TICE buses with the help of Lettrages Langehegermann. He used the Minett colour red as a starting point in combination with some modified shades from the Esch2022 colour palette and the three national colours.

The mug is available in the Esch2022 Visitor Centre for 19.90 euros. It can also be purchased at the Infofabrik in Esch-Alzette, the Annexe22, the Diderich bookshop as well as outside the Esch2022 region.