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Esch2022 taking part in the European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week ©Emile Hengen

From 16 to 22 September 2021, Esch2022 will be taking part in the European Mobility Week. Supported by the European Commission and its Directorate-General for Environment, this campaign, launched in Luxembourg in 2005, aims to develop sustainable mobility and improve residents’ health and quality of life. Its goals are in line with the ambition of the European Capital of Culture to enhance visitor and resident mobility by providing environmentally friendly means of transport and promoting partnerships between participating municipalities. The development of sustainable transportation (walking, cycling, public transport) is aimed at encouraging citizens to try out alternatives to the car. Esch2022 pursues the threefold objective of providing attractive mobility, facilitating accessibility to tourist sites and promoting active mobility and multimodality.

The theme of this year’s Mobility Week is “Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility” and is intended as a tribute to the suffering Europe (and the world) endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects the opportunities for change arising from this unprecedented health crisis in Europe. Cities and urban services have developed creative and resilient responses to the pandemic. This year’s European Mobility Week celebrates cities’ resilience and successes and seeks to maintain this momentum. Trends that have emerged over the past year, such as the development of active mobility and the use of zero or low-emission mobility, need to be further promoted.

In order to make residents aware of the issue of sustainable mobility, some Esch2022 municipalities have come up with exciting ideas for PARK(ing) Day.  From a bicycle that powers a blender and purées fruit and vegetables into a smoothie through pedalling, to a mini golf course, it’s all there. In addition to this, everyone can look forward to a contest and part two of the “Spannend Juegd duerch de Süden“. Only this much can be revealed: This time, hiking enthusiasts, nature lovers and hunting enthusiasts will get their money’s worth. Of course, the Esch2022-Cuistax will be there this year too.

Visit us during the European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September 2021 and discover numerous events in the region that will be launched together with the municipalities and mobility partners.

Detailed information about all activities during the European Mobility Week can be found on our website.