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Comité participatif pour les handicaps de la Ville de Differdange


Since movement in the urban space has many obstacles (slopes, stairs, holes,...), aids are often put in place for people with prams, in wheelchairs or pushing trolleys: inclined planes or ramps.

This project aims to 'improve' these accessibility measures by entrusting them to artists. In this way, all those who wish to use them will also be able to enjoy an artistic display. This will raise awareness in many ways: 

- There are accessible accesses, 

- the path is easy for everyone 

- their integration (or non-integration) into the infrastructure and/or urban architecture improves the landscape, 

- art can be integrated in a useful way and bring positive feelings to the people using them, 

- the association 'art & accessibility' promotes a fair consideration of the needs of the whole population.

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Since 2014, the themes of disability and accessibility have complemented the equal opportunities service of the City of Differdange thanks to a disability 'officer'. 2016 saw the creation of the participatory committee, composed of members (in)directly concerned by disability. Together, more targeted actions could be executed with the different partners, internal and external, of the municipal administration. 

In addition to the 'Disability Officer', the role of the participatory committee is to advise and support the various municipal initiatives towards an inclusive society. Thus, the objective of the participatory committee is to encourage the improvement of the inclusiveness of all offers and services implemented by the municipal administration based on principles such as 'Design for all' and transversal, universal design approaches.  

This is made possible by offering advice, evaluation and implementation services that complement the know-how and expertise of the various partners involved. These partners are active in various fields, such as education, sport, business and urban planning.