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MJC Villerupt


The history of our territory is rich. Over time, the city has changed its appearance by adapting to the constantly changing world. 

From the liberation in 1945 to the present day, through the various waves of immigrants, the steel industry and then its closure, the area has been transformed. 

It is through a popular ball, like the one on the 1st May or the 14th July, that we retrace this history. 

A popular ball that takes place repeatedly, jumping from one era to another, thus recounting the high points of the collective history. 

The event will last about five hours. The project is a multidisciplinary work, combining dance, music, theatre and graphic arts. 

The audience will be invited to participate in collective tableaux of our story. The scenes of life are interspersed with the musical and festive moments of a popular ball. 

In order for this project to be a real territorial project, we will work in partnership with local associations, namely: the music school 'A ta portée', the dance school "Chor'A Corps', 'la compagnie du Chassée croisé', 'Le Sillon', MJC d'Audun-le-Tiche and all other associations wishing to get involved in this project, which is intended to bring people together.  

As its name indicates, it aims to unite the actors of the territory in the same overall movement.  The aim is to give a plural dimension in terms of skills and fields of action in a multidisciplinary and multicultural dynamic. 

To achieve our objectives, it is essential to be in cohesion with our partners and to share the same values: to create a friendly and festive event that brings the population together around dance and music.

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Past Events

07.05.2022 • 17:00 - 23:00

Bal Pop

L’histoire de notre territoire est riche. De 1945 à nos jours, en passant par les différentes vagues d’immigration, par la sidérurgie et ensuite la fermeture de cette industrie, le territoire s’est transformé. C’est à travers un bal populaire, que nous retraçons cette histoire. Un bal qui saute d’une époque à l’autre, relatant ainsi les moments forts de l’histoire collective à travers le regard des membres d’une famille de la cité. La manifestation se déroulera sur environ 5 heures. Il s’agit dans ce projet d’un travail multidisciplinaire, mêlant danse, musique, théâtre, et arts graphiques, auquel la population est invitée à participer, à créer. Les spectateurs seront invités à participer à des tableaux de notre récit. Les scènes de vie sont entre coupées par des moments musicaux et festifs. Sur le site, on trouvera aussi une fête foraine avec des animations, jeux, entresorts forains, expositions. Petite restauration et buvettes seront également proposées.

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Place Jeanne d'Arc Villerupt, Place Jeanne d'Arc 54190 Villerupt, Villerupt
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The Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Villerupt, created in 1961, is approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has an agreement with the town of Villerupt and is affiliated with the Fédération Régionale des Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture. 

The common statutory object of the Maisons de la Jeunesse et de la Culture: '[...] They are associations of popular education which work for the individual and collective emancipation of all. They therefore offer everyone, young people and adults, the possibility of emancipating themselves and participating fully in their citizenship'. 

According to our statutes, our aim is to create, manage and run the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Villerupt, which is an essential part of the social and cultural life of a territory: country, agglomeration, town, municipal community, village, neighbourhood... which offers the population the possibility to become aware of their abilities, to develop their personality and to prepare themselves to become active and responsible citizens of a living democracy. The MJC has been meeting the educational, social and cultural expectations of the people of Villerupt for 60 years. 

Its action is based on its passionate and committed volunteers, its employees and its various partners. 

The association has always played a leading role in the city and far beyond, which earns it the  of users and partners. 

In 2018, the MJC, by rewriting its associative project, affirms: 'its status as an association of popular education committed to a project for the future of society open to all, without discrimination, the conditions for intellectual and social emancipation and a capacity for citizen expression'. This statement influences our actions and asks us to establish the conditions of access for all: 

- culture 

- leisure 

- sports 

- education 

In order to succeed in our organisational approach, we rely on a dynamic of permanent and collective construction of a more united society. It is the different people we welcome that generates the richness of our project. A project that never ceases to actively participate in the structure of living together in the respect of republican values. With a rich history in terms of projects, the MJC has been working in this direction for decades, with some great actions to its name: 

1976: Creation of the 1st edition of the Italian film festival 

From 1977 to 1982: Creation of the CAVE, a place for meetings and artistic expression 

1987: Creation of the Music School and the Dance School (1991) 

1998: Emancipation of the Italian film festival and creation of the association 'LE PÔLE DE L'IMAGE' 

Since 1999: The MJC has turned towards other activities and has developed a socio-educational aspect (Italian courses, English courses, IT, yoga, etc.) and offers numerous activities linked to learning and artistic practices (plastic arts, theatre, dance, music, etc.).  

Without going back over history, our path has always followed a clear path on the place of immigration within a diverse society.  

Our Bal Pop project is therefore part of this dynamic of 'Culture and social link' as an action co-constructed and carried out by a group of partners for a wide audience (spectators, citizens - living in or passing through a territory), aiming to promote social links through social and cultural action in various artistic fields.