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Crémant POLL-FABAIRE : Special cuvée ‘Esch2022’ on sale now!

Poll-Fabaire cuvée of Esch2022

Interview with Patrick Berg, CEO of Domaines Vinsmoselle

How was the idea for this special cuvée Esch2022 born?
Domaines Vinsmoselle have a tradition of working with cultural actors in Luxembourg, notably as partners of the previous European Capitals of Culture. During the ‘cultural year’ in 2007, we created the cuvée ‘Cult’ in cooperation with the city of Luxembourg, which proved so successful that it became a flagship product in the range POLL-FABAIRE. Over a year ago, we decided to cooperate on a new special cuvée with Esch2022. This involved several tasting sessions and adjustments to the composition before the cuvée was finalised. The result is a 100% Luxembourgish Moselle crémant brut. I don’t want to give away too much, but what I can say is that this is a sparkling wine with a unique taste. As for the design, we adapted the graphic charter of Esch2022. Our cuvée also complies with key values of Esch2022, most importantly sustainable development.

When will this cuvée be available?
The special cuvée ‘Esch2022’ was officially released on Wednesday 15 December 2021, in time for the festive season, where crémant is in particularly high demand. The bottles are available from our wine shops, through our website and in the Luxembourgish chain of Cactus supermarkets. From 15 January 2022 onwards, it will be marketed through a wider distribution network including service stations in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium. We have planned to issue a first batch of 10,000 bottles, but initial orders suggest that this will probably fall short of demand and that we might have to launch another production round. Above all, we wanted to offer a product at an affordable price with a view to large-scale distribution and consumption.

What role will Vinsmoselle play at the REMIX Opening, the opening ceremony of Esch2022?
Our crémant – presented without its labelling during a preview tasting session at the Esch2022 press conference on 28 October 2021 – will be served in its final version at the opening of the European Capital of Culture on 26 February 2022, and at most events throughout the year. Our partnership is a genuine collaboration that allows Esch2022 to draw on a complementary stock of 1,500 bottles for all its events. In light of the mutual understanding between our two organisations, a second series of the same cuvée might be produced at a later stage.

The ‘Cuvée Esch2022’ is available from 15 December 2021 in Vinsmoselle wine shops, Cactus stores and through the online shop

From 15 January 2022, it will be distributed across Luxembourg and in cross-border regions in France, Belgium and Germany.
Sale price: €12.95 incl. tax