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Create art in Differdange!

Join us in rethinking and redesigning your neighbourhood by participating in the selection of local and international artists who will be commissioned to upgrade five public spaces. Residents of the municipality of Differdange are invited to join the creative activities devised by DiffMix. This project was created specifically for those who wish to develop community spaces and encourage artistic creation in their city.

The first phase of the DiffMix project has just been completed. Interested residents were invited to nominate public spaces they thought were in need of a makeover. They could do so via the DiffMix website or through collaborative workshops. The DiffMix team will now review all submissions and select the five locations that received the most interest and comments.

Did you miss the first phase? Don’t worry, the next phase will be just as exciting!

This summer, the five selected locations will be advertised on the DiffMix website and artists from across Europe will be asked to pitch their ideas. Residents will be able to comment on the artists’ proposals directly on the website, and the artists can answer questions and clarify their ideas. This will ensure a genuinely collaborative process of creation!

If you are an artist, don’t miss the official launch of the call for proposals in July on the dedicated platform Home – DiffMix. The residents are eager to discover your artistic proposals! In the meantime, discover the locations proposed by the residents of Differdange during the first phase. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Together we will create beautiful community spaces for 2022.