CFL: “Culture is especially important to us.”

Interview with Alexandra Nonnweiler, Head of Communications, CFL

Is culture important to you?
ALEXANDRA NONNWEILER: Investing in culture in its various forms (art, music, etc) is a key tenet of our brand and to date we have been involved in many initiatives in collaboration with artists and associations. We provide free train transport to events taking place within our network and host events in our facilities such as the “Francofolies”, the “Wiltz Festival”, the “Migration Festival”, “Bach in the Subways”, etc. For more than 20 years, we have also hosted the “Gare Art Festival”. The “Buch am Zuch” is of course another initiative that we support.

Why did you decide to sponsor Esch2022?
It was a no-brainer from our point of view. Since many of the participating towns are located within our network, the public can travel to events held as part of Esch2022 easily by train. Secondly, as the Luxembourg’s second largest employer, we have a diverse pool of talent comprising both the trades and professions and celebrating diversity forms part of our cultural sponsorship philosophy. Finally, we strive to be a large-scale mobility partner given the importance that both CFL and the organisers’ place on sustainable development.

What are you doing locally?
We offer three modes of support, including providing extra trains where possible, hosting events in our stations in the south of Luxembourg, and offering free publicity via our social media sites as well as in railway stations – including event-themed exhibition stands.


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