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BFCC : Business for Culture Club – connecting business and culture

Firstly, it was observed after the end of the European Capital of Culture Luxembourg 2007 that the partners did not continue to support the cultural sector. The aim is therefore to capitalise on the motivation and enthusiasm generated by a European Capital of Culture in order to perpetuate the interaction between culture and business.

Secondly, it responds to a need that exists in the cultural sector, as the State’s funding for culture, although significant, will not be sufficient in the long term. According to Eurostat figures, Luxembourg spent 1.2% of its GDP on culture in 2020 (this has been stable for the past 10 years), and this figure corresponds exactly to the European average. However, in recent years, many new structures have been created in Luxembourg. A player from the cultural sector told me a while ago that in his opinion the cake remains the same but the number of slices is constantly increasing.

It is therefore essential to find other sources of support for culture.

This development has been observed in some of our neighbouring countries for decades. They have structures that link culture and business through training, events, networking, etc.

What are the areas of focus of the BFCC?

The aim is to promote cultural initiatives via a network of support in kind, in skills and financially. But also to promote companies that invest in culture.

What is the action plan in 4 steps? 

  • Facilitate exchanges between culture and business through matchmaking, afterworks and conferences.
  • Learn from each other through the creation of a training school.
  • Participate in regular events for more exchange.
  • For the cultural sector, this means that we accompany the project leaders and help them find the right partner, while for the business sector, it means enhancing their investment by meeting a network of partners.

These companies have already joined us: the Ministry for the Middle Classes, ArcelorMittal, BMW Schmitz, Luxlait, Accor, etc. So, please do not hesitate to join us, because together we can create a future that connects business and culture!

Phone: + 352 621 250 451