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Bestselling book “And Their Children After Them” on stage at the Escher Theater

Presented as part of Esch2022, And Their Children After Them (“Leurs enfants après eux”) is a theatrical adaptation in four episodes of the novel by Nicolas Mathieu, winner of the 2018 Goncourt Prize. Jointly directed by Bach-Lan Lê-Bà Thi, Carole Lorang and Éric Petitjean, the show plunges us into the 1990s in the midst of blast furnaces that no longer burn, and takes a tender look at an era, individuals and a territory just a few kilometres away from the Esch2022 region.

The show brings to life the atmosphere of that decade in the form of a theatrical saga in four episodes. The audience spends four summers in the company of young people and their families whose destinies run through Nicolas Mathieu’s novel: the impetuous Anthony, his explosive father and resigned mother, his intrepid cousin, the indescribable Steph and her petulant girlfriend Clem, the reckless Hacine and his buddies from the urban area, the persevering Coralie and the Luxembourgish Evelyne. From Smells Like Teen Spirit to the 1998 World Cup, from the nervous first kisses to the relentless feeling of standing still, this moving fresco tells the story of a region and a youth in search of meaning.

Première partie – épisodes I et II
12, 13 & 14/10 – 20:00

Seconde partie – épisodes III et IV
18, 19 & 20/10 – 20:00

22/10 – 17:00

Le spectacle partira également en tournée au Théâtre de la Manufacture – CDN Nancy Lorraine, du 7 au 9 décembre 2022.