Programme, Esch2022 - news


The Annexe22 of the European Capital of Culture provides a foretaste of things to come. In this space, we want to show what Esch2022 is going to be and make you feel, taste and hear what it will be like. In the Annexe22, we will share ideas and experimentations which will be the starting point for a whole series of projects and events designed to change your everyday life in 2022.

Annexe22 is a platform of welcome and sharing where we are going to exhibit, construct, discuss, experiment, tell stories and collect ideas.

In light of the current sanitary crisis, the Esch2022 team is anticipating a possible temporary closure of the space by planning installations and projects that can also be seen through the windows from the outside. A potential constraint is thus turned into an asset: the Pavilion, currently open at the times indicated below, can now be discovered from outside at any time of the day!

In 2022, the Annexe22 will be a central meeting point where the public can get information, chat over a coffee and buy tickets to events.

Place de la Résistance
L-4041 Esch-Alzette