Annexe22: ‘All we need is light’

In her work, Martine Glod, who studied visual arts with a focus on painting, questions the traditional way of working with painting. Experimenting with new means of representing colour, she seeks to replace brushes and paint with other materials. In her work ‘Color as light’, for instance, which was shown as part of Luxembourg and the Greater Region European Capital of Culture 2007, the colours were produced with the help of light.

Her new light installation ‘All we need is light’ at Annexe22 was inspired by traditional Asian sand mandalas, which are here presented in a glass pavilion, similar to the way they are displayed in Asia. The form of the installation derives from the radial symmetry of mandalas: starting from the centre, it rotates around its own axis and spreads out in different directions. Up to 16 million different shades can be programmed and generated through the individual LED bars, opening up continually new dimensions of pulsating movement.

The pavilion thus transforms into a kind of ‘sanctuary of light’, from which the coloured rays of light radiate to the outside, penetrating and illuminating the area around Place de la Résistance (Brillplaz). Offering a moment of meditation, the point of light at the crossing point of the square invites passers-by to pause and engage in a new experience of body and space.

Martine Glod (b. 1983 in Luxembourg) lives and works in Luxembourg. After completing a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Fine Arts HBK Saar in Saarbrücken in 2008, she obtained a master’s degree in Human Science Art and Culture with a specialisation in Cultural Management from the University of Metz. Since 2004 she has been regularly exhibiting her work in solo and group exhibitions in Luxembourg and the Saarland. Until February 2019, she was an artist in residence at Les Annexes in Burglinster Castle.

Martine Glod: ‘All we need is light’, light installation, 2021

Place de la Résistance (Brillplaz)

From 30.01. to 27.03.2021

Thu/Fri : 2pm – 6pm
Sat/Sun: 11am – 6pm
Closed on public holidays